HTC DT-2229 Digital Stroboscope Stroboscope


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  • Range : 50~20,000 FPM
  • Resolution : 0.1 FPM (50~999.9 FPM) ; 1 FPM (Over 1000 FPM)
  • Accuracy : ± 0.05% of rdg + 1 digits


  • Digit 10mm LCD Display
  • Ranges: H, M, L (High, Medium, Low)
  • Flash Adjust: Coarse adjustment, fine adjustment X2 and ÷2 for fast check
  • Triggering mode: Interior/Exterior


  • Sampling Times : 0.3 Seconds
  • Flash Tube Lifetime : Million Times
  • Power : AC 220V
  • Standard Accessories : Manual, Spare Flash Tube, Power Cord
  • Dimension : 220(H) x 125(W) x 125(D)mm


HTC DT-2229 Digital Stroboscope Stroboscope 50 to 20000 FPM is a very useful product. This product is used to measure the rotational speed of any device. The package contains 1 Piece. The auto range digital Tachometer has Wide Measuring Range and High Resolution. The accuracy of this product is (0.05% +1). It will help you measure the operating speed of an engine in revolutions per minute. This tachometer uses AC 220V of energy for every operation. .It is also called as a revolution counter. It has a display type of 10mm LCD Display. This tachometer can store memory of max value, min value, and last value. It also indicates the angular speed of a rotating shaft. The sampling time of this device is 0.3 Second.


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